COVID-19 Update

Ravenswood Physician Associates (RPA) wants you to know you and your family’s health is our priority. We will post new information on our member portal as quickly as possible to help keep you informed.

With this in mind, all RPA Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) will be complying with CDC guidelines regarding in office care. Many of our PCPs will be canceling routine/wellness visits scheduled prior to March 31st. Please understand these measures are to ensure social distancing and to protect you and your family from potential unnecessary exposure.

Our PCPs will continue to see sick patients, without respiratory issues. However, since most of our offices are not equipped to handle potential COVID-19 infections/testing, our PCPs will often recommend home insolation if a member has upper respiratory symptoms that are not life threatening. Please note, the majority of people will not experience severe symptoms with a COVID-19 infection. As always, if your symptoms become severe please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. We do not recommend seeking non-urgent care at an Immediate Care Center or emergency room due to the increase risk of exposure to COVID-19 in these settings.

Your PCP is still available via phone to discuss any of your healthcare concerns. If you cannot reach your PCP, please contact our Administrative Office during normal business hours at (773) 868-2000.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.


Ravenswood Physician Associates