Optimizing Your Healthcare with RPA

Congratulations on acquiring your new health plan and selecting RPA as your primary group! In order to help maximize the benefits of your plan, we recommend some suggestions that will help you build a great relationship with your new doctor.

Selecting Your Primary Care Physician

A primary care physician (PCP) is a pediatrician, family practice or internal medicine doctor who will manage and direct all of your health care needs.  A constructive relationship with your primary care doctor is key toward optimal success having an HMO plan. Choose or change your Primary Care Physician (PCP) by first selecting one from our Search for Doctors link. The link directs you to access current information about all RPA doctors who are accepting new patients. Once you have made your selection, please call our office at 773 868-2000.

HMO plans with RPA allow women to select an additional Woman’s Principal Health Care Provider.  A Woman’s Principal Health Care Provider (WPHCP) is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYNE) who has been selected to be directly accessible for treating and coordinating a female HMO member's healthcare needs. Except for Medicaid, your WPHCP must be in the same network group as your primary care doctor.

A patient may not select any other specialist as their primary care physician.

Your First Office Visit with Your Primary Care Doctor

Once you have selected your Primary Care Physician and/or WPHCP, it is wise to establish a “Get Acquainted” visit. This allows you to provide valuable family health history to the doctor, and to identify areas that may be of concern to you.

Please make sure your HMO/Managed Care Identification Card is with you when you visit your doctor.
Please be aware that co-payment amounts vary by HMO plan and are payable at the time of the visit. Aside from co-pays and/or deductibles, RPA patients should never be billed for services.

As you visit your RPA physician for the first time, you may wish to address these issues to begin a proactive approach toward good health. These include:

  • Immunizations for your children
  • A diabetes screening
  • Establishing an Asthma Action Plan if you have a history of asthma
  • A mammogram and pap smear if you are a woman between 23 and 65 years of age
  • Prescription drugs and medications you are presently taking
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss

When You Require a Specialist

Your RPA physician or Woman’s Principal Health Care Provider will generate a referral for you if you require the services of a specialist. RPA has over 250 specialists contracted throughout one of our seven partner hospitals. Referrals are electronically submitted.

RPA physicians utilize a Provider Portal to insure that all referrals are sent to in-network doctors. Our network specialists also have access to the portal to guarantee your co-pay is accurate.

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