Managing Your Health

Behavioral/Mental Healthcare Services

If you are in need of behavioral/mental healthcare services, you should contact your PCP at his or her regular office number. If you need assistance contacting your PCP, contact the RPA at 773 868-2000.

Chemical Dependency Services

If you are in need of Chemical Dependency services, you should contact your PCP for a referral to one of our providers.  Except for emergent services, most PCP’s will require an initial visit with a new patient prior to issuing a referral for Chemical Dependency Services.

Medical Records and Patient Confidentiality

If you have medical records that need to be transferred to this facility, please have those records transferred as soon as possible. If you need a copy of your medical records, you must contact your previous doctor and/or provider of services. Medical Records are held in strict confidence.

Emergency Services

Prior to seeking care in an emergency room, we recommend that you call your PCP for treatment advice. In situations where you feel you can't call your PCP (such as if you think you may be having a heart attack or stroke), go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. Notify your PCP as soon as possible of any treatment you receive. To contact your PCP, call his or her regular office number. If you have difficulty reaching your PCP, call the RPA at 773 868-2000.


A referral for services not directly provided by your PCP may be required. Your PCP will coordinate your overall healthcare and determine the need for specialty care referrals for medically necessary services. All referrals undergo a review process. If a referral is denied, the reason for the denial, the alternative treatment, a telephone number for questions, and the mechanism for appeal will be communicated to you in writing. Be sure to verify the date and type of referral you receive.

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Office Hours

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